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ABC MOBILE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (ABC mobile institute of technology) is a platform helping students in their professional and personal growth with the help of the job and business training they provide. Our team of not only try to understand the theoretical and practical needs of the student but also counsel them about how to implement the learning in their business. We provide the skill development training like computer hardware repair training, mobile phone repair training, and other similar training etc., we as an institute believes in providing a job-driven training that helps in giving an edge to the students’ skills and helps in increasing the caliber of the students.

ABC MOBILE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Computer Hardware Repair Training, Mobile Phone Repair Training Module

The module that we have designed for the training is entirely different from the curriculum of the other technical training institutes. Our institute has designed the programs as per the needs of the industry. We are helping the students learn not only about the hygiene of an industry but also about how to excel at a particular level in that industry. We try to train the students in a manner that makes them perform well in their jobs. Another important aim of our training is to help the students in running their venture or start-up effectively and end up making profits. The students assisted by us are successfully placed in companies like BPL, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Tata, etc., and trying to make a mark there after all the knowledge and counseling they got from our institute. We continue to help our students even after when they have already set up their businesses and need our further guidance.

We provide the following training to our students:

  • Mock Interview Preparation – We groom our students in a manner that makes them face the interview confidently.
  • Monthly Campus Interviews & Placement – ABC MOBILE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY try their best to make each and every student of the institute join a good company after completing the course.
  • Guidance on Resume Writing – One cannot get a good job without a good resume. For our students to catch a good job, we guide them in creating a good resume and give them training on how to manage their resume.
  • Personality Development Classes – We are providing some personality classes that will really transform you into a candidate that every company love to hire.
  • Interview Training – We also provide an interview training that is very important when it comes to entering a good company.

In addition to the above, we also provide the following :

  • Website Solution :Our website provides detailed solutions for every little query of our students
  • Right To Display ABC Mobile Institute Member Sign Board – After completing a course from our institute, you can promote yourself as a member of ABC Mobile Institute by putting a badge of ABC Mobile Institute on your website.
  • Certificate Display of Need – If required we are also providing the certificate display facility.

The extras that we are providing with our Computer Hardware Repair Training are Exclusive Rights to Purchase tested Parts of Mobile, Computer, and Laptop, Supply of different part and machinery at lower rates, free Latest Software testing by ABC Mobile Institute R&D Team and the other business support you required to run your business successfully.

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