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Computer And Hardware course

ABC Mobile Instute of technology is widely recognized for delivering industry ready courses and due to this it is the academic partner of many Companies .One of the areas which has lots of job opportunities is Networking Area . We provide intelligently designed modular courses covering all essentials in the rapidly growing field of Computer Networking with an in depth exposure to Microsoft windows Seriver & Redhat Server.

Learning Outcomes

  • Computer Applications (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point)
  • Basic Computer Electronics
  • PC Engineer (A+)

Computer Harware Course

Desktop Fundamental – Basic overview, Function Keys, started with windows, Compatible Devices and other I/O Devices.

Partitioning, Formatting, BIOS Features and Settings – Various Techniques of Partition like F-Disk Command, Disk Manager etc.

Window Installation – Windows XP, Vista Windows 7, Linux.

Driver Installation – Motherboard Driver, Sound Driver, Display Driver etc.

Application Installation – MS_Office, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Data Recovery, Ghost Virtual Machine, Anti Virus, Emergency Repair Disk, Remote Infrastructure Management System etc.

Tools & Utilities – Partition Magic, Anti-Virus, Driver Checker etc.

Parts of Computer – Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speaker etc.

Desktop Assembling & Disassembling – Replacing RAM, Hard Disk, CD ROM etc.

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