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ABC mobile institute of technology offers various courses with high placement rates. Faculty helps students to realize their potential and explore various career possibilities. ABCMIT takes complete pride in 100% placements to students taking courses in the students. Placement cell provides support to students in getting job opportunities and also setting up own business.


Most of the vocational programs provided are job oriented with which students can start earning the day they finish their training or can learn them as a hobby. Students can join for any of these vocations as all these are short-term certificate courses. These courses will help you make your career in the field of mobile phone repair. After taking the courses you will be well equipped with all the essential skills needed to service, repair and maintain mobile phones. Smart phone repairing and training programmes can train students to repair smartphones like iphone, blackberry and android handsets. The training provides all the essential skills to repair, unlock and upgrade all major branded as well as chinese smart phone models.


Led Lcd Smart Tv Repairing Course, laptop Repairing Course, PC repairing course and Mobile Repairing Course will train students to repair Led, Lcd, Smart Tv, mobile, laptops and PCs. The market for repairing smart tv, Smart Phone, advance laptops and PCs has grown a lot over the years. People repairing phones can always expand their portfolio by learning how to repair other gadgets. With everyone using laptop these days, there is a huge scope in laptop repairs. Computer hardware courses train students to understand computer hardware and how to maintain and repair desktop computers. With this training students will be able to troubleshoot and effectively solve almost all types of computer problems.


ABC mobile institute of technology is the leader of transforming technical educational industry. Trusted by various leading brands they help their students enter the industry and seeking jobs and attain the heights they always dreamed of.  Their wide range of job oriented mobile courses, laptop courses, led lcd smart tv courses, computer hardware courses has helped several all students in becoming self-employed. They are continuous need of people who can help them realise their mission of imparting future oriented knowledge. They require a faculty which can help them create educational programmes with their extensive theoretical and practical understanding in their field.


They hire faculty and staff which can make students realise their potential and transform their lives by providing them all-round hardware and software repair learning. They require staff which can create a course outline keeping industry needs in mind, provide expert advice and support to students which will help them set up their own business or obtain job placements. Such instructors can imbibe skills and clarify student’s doubts in the course of learning and train them in ways which exceed their expectations.

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